The Yankee Peddler Inn



Welcome to the beautiful Yankee Pedlar Inn and step back to the charm and gracious warmth of 100 years. The Inn was originally built by Frank and Alice Conley to the highest standards of the time. Upon its opening in 1891, there was no other inn throughout the state to rival its style and grandeur.

Today, the inn is comprised of 55 individual rooms with private baths and 5 suites. Each individually decorated with Hitchcock furniture, stenciled walls and restored with modern conveniences.

We decided to investigate the Yankee peddler inn. To see if we can support or debunk any of the claims. We rented a room and spent the night. The investigation started in the Basement after a while we decided to head up to the attic. We did not get much from thier either. We were unable to investigate some of the rooms that had claims as they were rented out. We were told by a employee that there have not been any claims made in a long time. We did not get anything on audio,video or still photo's. It is a great place with a lot of history & very friendly staff. We will be going back again