Wessie  The Snake of Westbrook Maine

I heard about a reported sighting a a very large snake in Westbrook Maine. After this I decided to contact the City of Westbrook and offer my help. They gave me permission to come to the park at night with my night vision equipment.


My Team & I went for 3 nights and spent 3 hours each night. We found feathers and some snake holes along the river bank. Many think the snake is an Anaconda rare for Maine. But a few thoughts are it was someone's pet who got to big so they let it loose. Another theory is someone had it not knowing it was not allowed to be a pet in Maine so they dumped it in the river.


There was a man who found a skin that the City sent to a expert for testing. the skin did come back to be an Anaconda.   That does not mean it could not have been placed there as a hoax My Thought it is a large Rat Snake more common to the area. I do feel the people who made the report really did see a large Snake. 1 woman even made a report a week before it went public so there were several sightings.



We never did find the Snake not what kind it could have been. But is it still out there that is a question still waiting to be answered. Below are links to the news Stories    

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