Stratford CT 

We got called to a home in Stratford Connecticut


  1. Burning of the legs & feet.

  2. Disembodied voices.

  3. Scratches


We set up a our DVR and left it running for 3 days.  We found nothing on our DVR. After we did our investigation we reviewed all our photos & voice recorders and found nothing. At the clients request we went back again and again did not find anything paranormal

After our Medium sat down and talked with the client we found out the client had been through a great deal of trauma at a young age.  A recent loss seemed to have triggered physical memories of said trauma.  Our Medium Celeste had suggested the client seek the help of a therapist who specializes in PTSD.  She then went to another group who specialty was Demons.  They told her she had demons and she believed them, activity got worse. 

UPDATE 2019:

Client still has not followed Mediums advice.  No one is able to clear her home of activity.  Which makes us truly believe our Medium is correct and the resolution of such activity has more to do with therapy then holy water.