Shanley Hotel

We set up a date & time to come investigate. Thinking we would have full access & be mostly alone how wrong we were. We arrived to a group of people on the porch. When we got inside we not only found out there were 2 other groups there but a radio show going on from one of the rooms so we were not allowed on that floor till after 10pm.


We were not able to set up any of our equipment as the other 2 teams had there cameras and cords all over the place. When we went to our room " if you want to call it that"  when 1 of the investigators sat on one of the beds it tossed him to the floor. My bed was like sleeping on rocks. We did out best to investigate with the amount of people that were there roaming around. 2 of the hot spots were claimed for the night by the other 2 groups so we could not investigate.


We did debunk some of the claims though like the ball rolling on it's own and noises from the hall. The next mooring when we talked to the owner and asked why were not told there would be so many people he just said that's the way it is. Then when we debunked some of the claims he got upset. So upset he said he would ruin us. Well he had Ghost Hunters go there shortly after we were there and guess what? They debunked the same claims we did weeks earlier.  This is a location I would never go back to or recommend to anyone. I have also heard from other groups who went this was not the first time this has happened