The Melon heads were originally abandoned children that a scientist by the name of Dr. Crow decided to "take care of" at his facility in Kirtland, Ohio. While the children stayed at the facility, Dr. Crow performed torturous experiments on them. What got them the name "Melon Heads" was when Dr. Crow injected chemicals into their brains, which caused their craniums to grotesquely grow. Because of the abnormal growth, they developed hydrocephalus, which caused them to become mentally retarded and insane. After years of abuse, the Melon Heads brutally killed Dr. Crow and burned down his facility.


I had my own encounter over 20 years ago with the MellonHead's so I know they are real. I do not ask anyone to believe me but I know what I seen.  We will keep trying to find out why & who they are