The Marlborough Tavern

                 The History 

The Marlborough Tavern in Marlborough, Connecticut was built in 1760. It has also been known as theCol. Elisha Buell House. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978; the listing included two contributing buildings.[1]

It is a central-chimney style Colonial house. According to its 1978 NRHP nomination, it "is a Colonial country inn whose architecture reflects the forthright simplicity of rural life in the eighteenth century." It was operated by innkeeper Colonel Elisha Buell, who had a nearby gunsmith and metalworking shop, too. The house was owned by the Buell family until 1898. In 1978 it was operated as a restaurant, the Marlborough Tavern.[2]

The restaurant closed in September 2011.


During our investigation we heard foot steps heard voices and seen lights moving across the room that were of various colors. Below are our findings



One of the employees  was named Pam. Guess they wanted to talk to her



You will hear a man's vocie in the backround



All we can make out is it is a whisper



This say's Hang Her