Investigations are conducted to help a client substantiate their claims of activity.  Unfortunately spirit/activity does not happen on demand so sometimes we may offer to return to a location more than once.  We would never want to leave a client in fear.  

If we do find evidence of a Haunting or as our Mediums prefer to say, "uninvited inhabitants," we decide a plan of action to help clients either find peace with their unseen friends or find a way to get these unseen energies to leave.  We work very hard to do the best we can for clients and if we are not the best fit to resolve the issue for them we will often refer out to someone who has more experience with certain types of "hauntings".

We do not ask for money for the help, we do this because we do not believe anyone should be scared in their own home.  We want every client to feel safe in their space.  So if you do not have funds don't be afraid to reach out to us.  Some clients give donations and we do not need these, please understand everything we do is to support and help you in your time of need.