This was one of the first locations I went to when I started in the paranormal. I grew up only a mile away and heard all the stories, The one I heard was her husband was a captain who passed away unexpectedly. She requested that when she passed away her body be carried to her grave. The day of her funeral it snowed and after many attempts they were unable to carry her body through the deep snow. They figured just drag her body through the snow as she would not know. Then one by the people who did not follow her orders were getting sick & then passed away. Her house soon fell to ruins. When people would walk by her home they would say they would see her walking in the window. If they made a comment they would get sick. So they feel Hanna Cranna The witch of Monroe came back to life. Some feel she still wanders that area today and is the reason you see 3 dates on her grave stone. The location were her home was is now overgrown and on private property.