In No Particular Order

Chris:  (Founder)

I got started in the paranormal when I was 15. But I did not start investigating until I was 20.  I was staying at my grandmothers to help care for my sick aunt during this time. I remember waking up and my aunt was standing in front of me. It was 6:05am. She said, "bye Chris." I said, "Bye Ellen."  A few hours later I woke up to my grandmother crying that Ellen was dead. Back then the Doctors would come to your house and they had said she had passed between 5:30am and 6:00am.  I turned white and said what I had witnessed.  From that point on I wanted to start helping others with their experiences and find more answers.

Will anyone really ever have all the answers?

I highly doubt it, but there are many of us looking to try to explain even a little bit of it. 


My interests in the paranormal started while I was working in nursing homes.  I have smelled roses after someone passes, witnessed a book flying off of shelves when no one is near them. Also, a clip board that was on a nurses Med cart came flying off and landing on the floor about two feet in front of the med cart. I have wanted answers to what happens after death due to these and other experiences.


Skye is our  Medium.  She uses her gift of hearing and seeing through the silence to help our clients.  Like our other Medium, her focus is not just finding out the information being given to her but to help you understand it too. 


Brian is what we call a class A debunker.  He thinks logically first.  He doesn't believe everything is paranormal and if there is another cause Brian is the guy who will find it.  We are grateful for the duo of Skye and Brian.  You may not see them on all our investigations but we love having them along on any investigations they can make it to!


Unfortunately for us Melissa lives a bit farther away.  She has not had a ton of opportunity to investigate with us.  She always comes with the top of the line equipment and is eager to help in anyway she can.  She will stare at monitors for hours if the investigation requires it.  Melissa takes her work seriously and she is quick to review and get back to clients.  She also has her own team that she runs. out of state.  We love having her along when she can come.

Deanna Leone Rhodes: (Honorary Member)

Though she is currently pausing her commitment she is always welcomed to come along with us whenever she is available.  

Read why:

We meant Deanna over five years ago at one of our events. She joined us on a investigation and we could see she was a natural. We are very happy she joined us. She is a great asset to the team.  She very often get's EVP's or signs from spirit, we think spirit must like her as much as we do.

Troy Leong: (honorary member)

Troys story is full of interesting events and curiosities.  Working in estate sale he has come across plenty of "inhabited" locations.  Though Troy does not get to be on many investigations with us, he is always with us in spirit. (Pun intended!!!!)  He was a huge asset when he was working with us in the past and I am sure when things get quieter for him he will be an asset for us again.  


Hi my name is Dawn.  I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a teenager.  I’ve had many experiences over the years.  I joined the team almost 5 years ago and have investigated various locations with the group.


I gained a interest in the paranormal at a young age. Like most kids I would hear Ghost Stories and that got me wondering. 

I decided to join to the group see if I can help get answers into the afterlife as well try and help people.