This video/audio is from one of our investigations for Bigfoot.

We started doing tree knocks almost 2 miles in the woods we got what we feel is knocks back.

The reason we went to this locations is we had many reports. We will be doing a overnight very soon


Bigfoot Knocks  


We went to a State park to go look at a Old Mill and foundations from homes. Then we went for a hike in the woods. We were about 5 miles and my Daughter who is 14 found this foot print near a creek. I have had many people look at it as well the State Fish & Wildlife they said it is not a wild animal. 











Mellon Heads.

I had a encounter with the melon Heads over 20 years. After sharing my story on TV my wife & Daughters wanted to go see the area, As you will see there was nothing in the rd on the way down. But a Deer leg on the way back up. This sent chills down my spine, I will keep going back till I can get one of then on audio or video.